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09 October 2018

My goodness, it's almost been 12 months since my last update. So much for making more regular updates! Oh well, a few things have happened since then. Most importantly I haven't moved house - HOORAY!! Aside from that, the 2018 AFL and WAFL seasons have come and gone, and guess who's one happy Subiaco and West Coast supporter.....yup, ME! That's right, both Subiaco Lions and West Coast Eagles have taken out top honours in the WAFL/AFL respectively - the PREMIERSHIP! Subiaco also made history by being the second team ever to have all three grades - Colts, Reserves, and League - finish minor premiers. AND the League team also finished the season UNDEFEATED! Phew! What a year!

Besides that, I am still unemployed, but still looking. I still play free league APL poker at Hotel Northbridge on Thursday nights, although in May the hotel had ceased the poker, but brought it back in July due to high demand. Anyone in Perth is welcome to play, just turn up at Hotel Northbridge on the corner of Brisbane and Lake Streets for a 7pm start, making sure to give yourself enough time to register. I also play a lot of my favourite video games, and have been dabbling in customizing and editing my favourite of all time - Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines.

Well, that's about all for now. Keep an eye on the Downloads page for new content which will be uploaded soon. Until then, bye for now! - Drusilla XX

UPDATE: 10 October - There are now 10 new banners to play with! Scroll down to the bottom of this page to check them out. Enjoy! - Drusilla XX

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//"I will embrace who I really am"\\
//"If it's a son of a b**** or a terrified kid"\\
//"Then that's what it is"\\
// - Jonathan Davis - What It is - \\

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