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05 September 2019

Hello again! A quick update. Firstly, nothing much has changed, besides now being an official volunteer with the Subiaco Football Club as a backup timekeeper, and the resident Colts scorekeeper at home games at Leederville Oval. This is extremely rewarding, and a lot of fun. Also just letting everyone know that a big update to this website is planned in the near future. The format will completely change, and will hopefully look more modern. The idea will be to promote myself to potential employers, whilst keeping it personal enough for other visitors to my site. Watch this space! - Drusilla XX

Edit: 29 September 2019

Check out the 'My Portfolio' page to get a sneak peak at the WIP Drusilla's Lair v4.0. Hope y'all like it! - Drusilla XX

Inspiration for the moment

//"I will embrace who I really am"\\
//"If it's a son of a b**** or a terrified kid"\\
//"Then that's what it is"\\
// - Jonathan Davis - What It is - \\

Random Wikipedia topic of the moment

Charles Street (Perth)

Strange news of the moment

Seal slaps kayaker with octopus

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